Low temperature food grade

  • ● Application Fields :

    Raw material of Soybean Protein Isolate , soybean protein concentrate , Soybean protein drawing and textured soybean protein 

    ● Product description :

    Shandong Yuwang Ecological Food Industry Co., Ltd is the earliest and largest processing base for high quality low temperature soy flake in Asia. 
    The low-temperature soy flake is produced by the solvent extraction method to remove the oil, then go through the low temperature desolventizing. This method has the advantage of low protein denaturation and high content water-soluble protein, which makes the low-temperature soy flake the essential raw material for soy protein products. Yuwang soy flake entered the market in 1998, since then the yielding of soy protein has increased 10%, and correspondingly the cost has been reduced by 3000 RMB per ton. This is an outstanding contribution for the promotion of soy protein industry in China.
    Yuwang soy flake has received wide acclaim both domestic and abroad, and it deserves the first brand of low-temperature soy flake in China. Most famous companies in China use Yuwang soy flake and we have established long-term relationship with our partners. 

    ● Product Features :

    1.Yuwang Non-GMO low-temperature soy flake has high visibility on the market. In 2003, this product was awarded the “Shandong Iconic Product” by Shandong Quality Association, Shandong Enterprise Federation and Shandong Entrepreneurs Association. In 2006, it was awarded “Shandong famous brand products” by Shandong Brand Strategy Promotion Committee and Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
    2.High protein content and high NSI (Nitrogen Soluble Index) with stable quality, Yuwang soy flake is the preferred raw material for soybean processing industry.
    3.Strong supply capacity. We can continuously supply the customers with soy flake both in the free and busy season.
    4.Meeting the potential demand of customers. In order to serve the customers better, we can customize the soy flake according to the actual needs of customers.

    ● Main Parameter: 



    Faint yellow or milk white sheet



    Nitrogen Soluble Index(NSI)


    Potein (dry basis) ≥55.0%



    Rsidual oil 


    Ah content 


    Sand content


    ● Product packaging specifications:

    50Kg/bag, Plastic woven sack packaging 

    ● Storage life:

    Eight months 

    ● Storage methods:

    Store in aeration-drying, Cool and avoid light place , can't be stored together with peculiar smell, toxic substances.

    ● Contact information:

    0534-7420065 7423671
    E-mail: yuwangsale@yuwangcn.com