Shandong Yuwang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a group company headquartered in Yucheng city of Shandong Province of China. It is engaged in soybean deep processing, also involved in bio pharmaceutical, fine chemical, advanced carbon/ceramic material industries. Yuwang group is appraised as National Hi-tech Enterprise, National Leading Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization, Nationwide Outstanding Enterprise in Food Industry, Model Enterprise for Initiating Management System of Integrating Information into Industrialization. Yuwang is the Chairman of China Soy Protein Association.

Yuwang Group affiliates nine factories, one post-doctoral research station, one provincial enterprise technology center, two provincial engineering research centers and 20 sales subsidiaries. Yuwang Group undertakes two National Torch Plan Projects. Yuwang Group developed four National Innovative Products, hundreds of patented techniques, and four nationwide famous brands.

Taking ‘Contribute to Society, Serve the Public, Achieve Yuwang People’ as its mission, taking ‘Be sincere, Be true’ as its core value, Yuwang Group is committed to ‘Be a globally outstanding enterprise’!

Four Divisions, with Nine Factories and Four Famous Brands

1.China Production Base for Non-GMO Soy Protein and Its Raw Material

Shandong Yuwang Ecological Food Industry Co., Ltd has six factories, they are located in Yucheng and Linyi of Shandong Province, Bin County and Kedong of Heilongjiang Province. These facilities crushes 500,000tons of Non-GMO soybean, produces 300,000tons of white flake, 80,000tons of clean soy oil and 100,000tons of isolated soybean protein. ‘YUWANG’ brand both for soy protein and white flake is honored as Famous Provincial Brand, and China Famous Trademark.

At the leadership position of china soybean industry, Yuwang Ecological company proposed the concept of ‘China Soybean’ defined as Non-GMO and of high protein content, and courageously shouldered the banner of ‘China Soybean’. Taking ‘let China Soybean bring safe and secure life to human beings’ as his historical mission and social responsibility, Yuwang Ecological company endeavor to provide Yuwang soy protein to every family in the world, to make contribution to physical and mental health for human being. Up to now, Yuwang Ecological company has come to be the global leader in soy protein industry.

2.The world's supplier of functional fish oil products

Shandong Yuwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, adhering to the mission of ‘offer secure fish oil products and efficient service’, is committed to ‘let Yuwang brand be loved by every family all over the world’.

Yuwang Pharmaceutical company, as China Healthcare Top 50 and Shandong Provincial Key Pharmaceutical Enterprise, is the only company in China who can produce all the seven essential nutrients of human body needs. It refines 10,000tons of fish oil annually. The export volume of its fish oil softgel ranked No.1 in China for the past three consecutive years. ‘WANGBULIAO’( the meaning is ‘Unforgettable’) brand 3A Brain Nutrition Softgel, being honored as Shandong Provincial Famous Brand Product, is continuously recommended to the youth for over ten years by China Students Nutrition and Health Promotion Committee, the sales volume remains Top 1 in the segment of brain nutrition in China market. ‘WANGBULIAO’ is appraised as China Famous Trademark.

3.Pioneer of China Instant Adhesive Technology

Shandong Yuwang Industrial Co., Ltd. Chemical Division is committed to being world top No.1 brand in instant adhesive industry, and devoted itself to offering satisfactory instant adhesive products and efficient service to customers of the world.

Yuwang Chemical division, a council member of China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association(CATIA), produces 2,000tons of various adhesives, it also produces chemical reagents and other chemical products, seven items of them fill the domestic blank. ‘YUWANG’ brand for adhesives is China Famous Trademark and well-known brand in China.

4.The Leadership of CVD technology in China carbon/ceramic material industry

Shandong Guojing Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., one of Yuwang Group’s Divisions, undertaking the mission ‘let Guojing advanced material improve human life and promote social progress’ and the vision ‘let Guojing advanced material accompanying people along the way of their whole life’, offers high quality PBN/PB/SIC/CC material and products for micro-electronics and photoelectronics industry by means of innovation on both management and technology.

In cooperation with National University of Defense Technology, Guojing specializes in research and development of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. The material and products of pyrolytic boron nitride, pyrolytic graphite, silicon carbide and carbon/carbon composite made by Guojing has a high level position in domestic market.