Yuwang Soybean Industry     

The world leading white flake R & D and production technology, initiated Chinese high quality soy protein.

At the early of 1990s, all soy protein was imported, at the budding stage of Chinese soy protein industry between 1996 and 1998, Chinese soy protein industry stayed at ceasing and semi-ceasing situation. We broke foreign giants’ technological monopoly in 1998, discovered and used domestic high-protein soybean to produce high quality white flake, and sold on the market, this increased by 10 percent protein yield, reduced the cost of 3000 Yuan / ton, and made outstanding contributions to the enhancement of Chinese soy protein industry.
In 2003, internationally renowned enterprises stopped its own production lines and switched to using our white flake, in the same year, China became the world soy protein processing base. Since then, the world soy protein industry came into three pillars pattern among the United States, Japan, and China.
At present, as the best quality, the biggest scale white flake processing base in China, We have millions of Chinese Mu IP GMO-Free soybean planting base, and the annual white flake capacity is more than 200 000 metric tons.

Initiate gel type soy protein,  production and sales volume in consecutive many years.

We initiated gel type soy protein. The performance of retaining water and oil got a comprehensive upgrade, not only improving the customer’s product quality, but also managed to control cost effectively, is deeply liked by the domestic and international customers. Our soy protein’s production and sales volume is Chinese No. 1 in consecutive many years.

Powerful R&D strength, tailored sales solution 

We have established trinity R&D system which is facing customers, based on customer’s market request, this system consist of basic R&D system, production R&D system and sales & application technology system. With technology support of Post-Doctoral working station and Provincial Technology Center, We can guarantee the primacy of soy protein R&D technology. 
In order to guarantee the quality stability of soy protein, we have established comprehensive R&D system which can make sure R&D development results can be used into industrial production and the industrial product will be on market.
We can customize the products and serve for customers with reasonable solution accordingly. Product application department is subjected to Soy Protein Sales Company. If meeting any technical problem during the product application, our clients can communicate directly with the R&D staff, who can recommend the proper product solution. For strategic partners, we will set up cooperative R&D group to guarantee customers can have advantage of product difference.
We have subdivided our products into 4 categories including 15 types. We have always been keeping the pioneering research on the soy protein application in food industry domestically and internationally.
Yuwang soy protein has been widely applied in nutritional and modern functional foods such as meat, minced fish products, dairy, bakery, confectionary, vegetarian foods, quick-frozen foods, beverage etc. And till now, we have made significant achievement in these applications.

The first domestic enterprise to get 2 global authoritative certificates; we focus on supplying superior products and service 

Yuwang is the first domestic enterprise who has met the criteria for exclusion from Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE) under this Import Alert (a.k.a. Green List) with 2 products-Isolated Soy Protein and Concentrated Soy Protein. In May, 2012, Yuwang soy protein isolate and concentrate got the right not having DWPE inspection. 
We are also the first domestic enterprise to get the A grade BRC certificate. On January 1st, 2012, the global food safety standards of BRC (British Retail Consortium) has refreshed to the 6th version, including 239 clauses. On April 1st, the certification body of BRC audited our soy protein factory located in Yucheng for the second time. According to the audit results and the classification criterion, the grade A BRC certificate was issued to Yuwang. 
If you are committed to supply the consumers with safe and qualified soy protein products, Yuwang is the best choice for you!

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