Wood repair grade

  • ● Application:

    It is suitable for wood repair and furniture-manufacturing.

    ● Features:

    1. Low viscosity, fast curing, good permeability, high hardness, and no yellowing.
    2. The curing speed is effected by the humidity of the wood powder, the wetter the wood powder is, the quicker the curing speed will be.
    When repairing wood, if the wood powder is small particle size and the strength is not high enough, please choose a lower viscosity and slower curing speed grade will be ok. It is because the curing speed is too quick to make the wood powder combined together.
    3. Please instead glass with asbestos slate if the humidity is higher. We’d better put the materials into drying cabinet if we do not progress in time after sticking.
    4. If the tung tree powder and redwood powder react violent and the strength is not high enough, please choose the glue with slower curing speed.