Piping thread sealants for industry

  • ● Application:

    Sealing of metal pipe thread, low/high pressure pipe thread, it is also widely used in fire fighting, air conditioning, hydraulic and pneumatic industrial and civilian pipe thread locking.

    ● Features:

    545 piping thread sealants (Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealant) :
    General purpose, middle strength, middle viscosity;
    For high pressure hydraulic system and tapered pipe up to M50 sealing Without fillers or particles, could not foul vales or filters systems。
    550 piping thread sealants:
    High viscosity, middle strength;
    Instead of thread seal tape as the sealing of pipe, 100% fill the pipe gap, excellent sealing results, and high pressure resistance, easy to remove with tools。
    554 piping thread sealants (refrigerant sealant):
    Excellent Freon/chemical resistance, high strength, middle viscosity;
    For sealing up to M50 of piping threads and aggressive chemical system;
    Prevent pipe thread corrosion, plug and tubular radiator sealing。

    ● Package:


    ● Storage:

    Store in normal temperature(less than 30.C), cool and dry place