Coating graphite base

  • ● Introduction

    The graphite susceptor with SIC coating has such good characteristics as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high purity, good corrosion resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent, and stable physical and chemical properties. High purity graphite can be oxidized strongly at the beginning of 400℃. Even in mild temperature, the high purity graphite also can be oxidized in the process of its usage. Thus, the graphite susceptor with SIC coating will gradually take the place of the high purity graphite in MOCVD and other application areas.

    ● Characteristics
    1. Excellent oxidation resistance at 1600℃.
    2. High purity.
    3. High hardness,the surface is of dense, fine particles.
    4. Corrosion-resistance.
    5. The surface layer is β-SIC.

    ● Parameter

    property  unit values 
    apparent density g/cm3 3.15-3.20
    Moh's hardness - 9.5
    lattice constant nm α 0.434
    thermal conductivity W/m.K 80
    thermal expansion rate 10-6℃-1 4.8×10-6

    Graphite susceptor coating for epitaxial growth, including Veeco,AIXTRON,Thomas Swan .