MOCVD heater

  • ● Introduction

        MOCVD(Metal-organic Chemical Vapor Deposition)is a special process to grow semiconductor thin films on the matrix. It was developed on the basis of vapor phase epitaxial (VPE) growth, and has become a new technology in VPE. The source materials of crystals grown by MOCVD are metal organic compound and hydride. The metal generally from group Ⅱ or Ⅲ when the later is made by the elements of group V、Ⅵ. The vapor phase epitaxial growth on substrates follows the method of thermal decomposition reaction, and gains semiconductive chemical compounds of the group Ⅲ-V,Ⅱ-Ⅵ, and their thin layer crystal materials of multiple solid solution.
        The resistance wire heater mainly used in the equipment of Thomas (Have been acquired by aixtron). The heating wire is generally made of tungsten, and the reflective liner is made of PBN. Resistance heating takes radiation heat transfer as the mainly principal. To achieve a completely uniform temperature distribution, it optimizes structure of all parts by the way of heating in multi-area.
        The resistor disc heater is mainly used in Veeco. Heaters can heat directly and have high heating efficiency.

    ● Parameter

    Equipment supplier



    Thomas Swan





    Zone A/B/C


    21 x2”

    45 x2”

    Zone I/M/O

    ● Application:

    It is used for heating the basal disc of MOCVD equipments.