VGF crucible

  • ● Introduction

    VGF crucible is a kind of crucibles used in VGF Technology. Vertical gradient freeze method (VGF) is the most popular technology at present. It is the good choice for the growth of single crystals in the microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

    ● Characteristic

    1.Our company can manufacture large size crucible (The maximum diameter can be 8 inches and the maximum height can be 18 inches).
    2.Guarantee purity (>99.99%)
    3.It can be used for many times. (Excellent structure between the layers).
    4.High crystal forming rate. (It can guarantee high crystal forming rate by adjusting anisotropy).

    ● Parameter

    microhardness(knoop)(ab side)N/mm2691.88
    tensile strength(∥C)N/mm2153.86
    bend strength⊥CN/mm2243.63
    thermo conductivity
    W/m·k“a” direction “c” direction
    (200℃)W/m·k60           2.60
    (900℃)W/m·k43.70       2.80
    dielectric strength(at room temperature)KV/mm56

    ● Application:

    The crucible can be used to synthesize single semiconductor crystal and Ⅲ-Ⅴ compounds by VGF or VB method.