LEC crucible

  • ● Introduction

    Liquid encapsulated czochralski (LEC) technique can be used for growing high-purity non-doped semi-insulating monocrystalline or polycrystalline which apply to direct ion implanted method.

    ● Characteristic

    1. Our company can manufacture large size crucible(The maximum diameter can be 12 inches and the maximum height can be 17 inches).
    2. High density (It can reach to 2.19 g/cm3).
    3. High purity (>99.99%).
    4. High cracking resistance (Excellent coefficient of thermal expansion).
    ● Parameter

    microhardness(Knoop)(ab side)N/mm2691.88
    tensile strength(∥C)N/mm2153.86
    bend strength⊥CN/mm2243.63
    thermo conductivity
    W/m·k“a” direction “c” direction
    (200℃)W/m·k60           2.60
    (900℃)W/m·k43.70       2.80
    dielectric strength(at room temperature)KV/mm56

    ● Application:

    LEC crucibles can be used to synthesize semiconductor crystal , Ⅲ-Ⅴ compounds and In - situ synthesis of GaAs、InP and GaP crystals.