Ethyl polyenoate softgel

  • ● Product Overview: 

    The main ingredients are EPA and DHA, both of EPA and DHA contain much unsaturated bond. There is a strong effect in regulating lipid and dilating blood vessels, resisting thrombosis. They can control Intrahepatic lipid and lipoprotein synthesis, and reduce cholesterol, triglyceride in blood and increase HDL.

    ● Application range:

    Adjust blood fat. It has the effect in reducing the triglyceride and total cholesterol of serum, used in hyperlipemia.

    ● Raw material source:

    Sardine oil, anchovies fish oil, salmon oil, tuna oil that from Peru.

    ● Product features:

    1、Natural raw materials, edible safely, effective ingredients from deep sea fish oil.
    2、after years of clinical validation, cholesterol-lowering effect is remarkable.
    3、Soft capsule, better keep the effective ingredients of natural raw materials.

    ● Product specification:

    Product Name


    Polyene acid ethyl ester softgel

    0.25*30  softgels

    Polyene acid ethyl ester softgel

    0.25g*48  softgels

    ● Recommend dosage:

    Oral, adult 1-2 softgels per time and 3 times one day.

    ●Package and transport:

    200boxes/carton or Packaging transportation.

    ● Storage Method:

    dry, sealed and shady.

    ● Approval Number:


    ● Capacity per year:

    194.88 million softgels

    ● Shelf life:

    24 months