Nifedipine softgel

  • ● Product Overview: 

    Nifedipine softgel is a kind of calcium antagonist which has strong effect in expansion of coronary and peripheral arterial, inhibition of vascular spasm, and is the drug of the first choice of variant angina. In clinical parts, this product can be used for the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris, especially variation angina pectoris and coronary spasm. Applicable to all types of hypertension, for intractable, severe hypertension also have a good effect. On reducing afterload, treating intractable congestive heart failure, this product also has a good treating function, suitable for long-term use. In addition, also applies to people with obstructive airway disease in patients with angina pectoris, its efficacy is superior to β-blocker.

    ● Scope of application:

    Angina: variant angina; unstable angina; chronic stable angina Hypertension (alone or in combination with other antihypertensive drugs)

    ● Source of raw materials:

    1. A product in national low-cost drugs catalog; the first collection breed in essential drugs list;
    2.The unique soft capsule production technology;
    3.The bioavailability is 30% higher than ordinary sustained-release tablets;
    4.It takes effect quickly in 2 minutes through sublingually and bite it;
    5. The unique specifications, suitable for administration;

    ● Product specification:



    Nifedipine softgel


    ● Recommend using methods:

    1. Nifedipine softgel dose should be gradually adjusted according to the patients’ tolerancee and control situation of angina. If overdose, it can cause hypotension.
    2. At beginning, taking small doses, usually, starting dose is 10mg / times, 3 times a day orally; usual maintenance dose of oral is10-20mg / times, three times a day. Part of the patients who have significantly symptom of coronary artery spasm, their dose can be available to 20-30mg / time, 3-4 times a day. The maximum dose should not exceed 120mg / day. If the condition is urgent, can chew clothes or sublingual 10mg / time, according to the patient's response to drug administration then decision again.
    3. Usually need 7-14 days to adjust the dose. If the patient symptoms is obvious and emergency, the dose adjustment period may be shortened. According to the patient's response to drug, seizure frequency and Sub-Lingual dose of nitroglycerin, we can add the dose from 10-20mg/time to 30mg/time in three days, three times a day.
    4. Under strict monitoring of hospitalized patients, according to the control condition of angina or ischemic arrhythmia, one more time every 4-6 hours, 10mg/time.

    ● Approval Number:


    ● Packing and transport:

    300boxes/case or packing transport

    ● Storage method:

    Seal, preserved in dry and shady place.

    ● Yearly capacity:

    194.88 million pills

    ● Shelf life:

    24 Months