Golden key softgel

  • ● Product Overview: 

    This product is a kind of healthcare products with the fish oil, soybean lecithin, extract of gingko leaf, ferrous gluconate, zinc gluconate as the main raw materials. Proved by the functional test, it has the hygienical function of improving memory and hypoxia tolerance.

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    ● Product index:

    【 Approval number】

    WSJZ(2002) No.0509

    【Main Ingredients】

    fish oil, soy lecithin, ginkgo biloba extract, ferrous gluconate, 
    zinc gluconate, gelatin and glycerin

    【Function Elements and Contents】 Per 100g contains: DHA- 28g, total flavonoids -160mg, 
    soy phospholipids -10g
    【Healthcare Function】

     Improve memory and resist hypoxia

    【Suitable crowds】

    People who need to improve memory or 
    who are in a hypoxia environment.

    【Edible methods and dosage】

    Take before meals with three times per day and 
    two softgels each time



    【Shelf Life】 24 months
    【Storage method】 In cool and dry place
    【Note】 This product cannot replace the medicine