Xingmeng softgel

  • ● Product Overview: 

    Xingmeng softgel contains unique DHA ,ARA,after animal function and human food-trial test, it approved that this product has the functions of improving memory and growth development. Scientific Formula,Nutrition Balance.

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    【 Approval No.】

    GSJZ G20050649

    【Main Ingredients】Fish oil,arachidonic acid,folic acid,taurine,soybean phospholipid,calcium gluconate,ferrous gluconate,salad oil,gelatin and glycerol
    【Function Elements and Contents 】Per 100g, it contains : DHA-5.48g,ARA-3.1g,Taurine- 2.08g,Phospholipids-5.4g,Folic acid- 29.9mg,Calcium-0.57g,Zinc-0.31g,Ferrum-0.29g
    【Healthcare Function】 Assist in improving memory and promoting growth and development
    【Suitable crowds】Children who need to improve memory ,or with retarded growth
    【Edible methods and dosage】Take two softgels twice daily with meal
    【Product Specification】0.25g/softgel
    【Shelf life】24 months
    【 Storage method】In Dry place
    【Note 】This product can not replace the medicine