qingyuan Softgel

  • ● Product Overview: 

    This is a natural dietary supplement from ocean. It can regulate blood lipid level, as to prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. The Active ingredients 3A (EPA. DHA, DPA) are all OMEGA-3 ethyl ester type polyunsaturated fatty acid(PUFA) which rarely contained in daily food. 3A are made from deep sea fish oil by means of refinery and concentration with latest technology. The formula is developed to meet the demand of blood lipid regulation for mid-aged and elderly people, as to promote brain, heart and vascular health.

    ● Feature:

    1.In 1994, we started to reach and develop this product and declare it successfully. Using ocean fish as raw material, and the advanced technology to extract and refine it, the formula is designed aiming to meet middle aged and elderly people’s requirement. After years of animal experiments, human experiments, stability and hygienic studies, it is confirmed that the product has the function of decreasing blood lipid.
    2.Function: Regulating blood lipid, protecting cardio-cerebrovascular Activating brain cells, prevention of dementia, Protecting the retina, and improving eyesight, but also improving emotion and reducing inflammation

    ● Product Where to buy:

    Jingdong official flagship store: http: //wangbuliao.jd.com/

    ● Product index:

    【 Approval number】

    WSJZ[1997] No.085

    【 Ingredient and content】

    Per  100g contains: DHA:30-45g   EPA:25-40g    DPA:1-5g    VE:1000mg

    【 Function】

    Regulate blood lipid

    【Suitable Consumer】

    Mid-aged and elder people

    【Unsuitable for】

    Children and people who suffer from hemorrhage

    【 Serving Method】

    take 3-4 sofgels each time, three times daily

    【Shelf Life】 24 months

     In  cool and dry place