3A Brain Nutrition Softgel

  • ● Product overview:

    “Wangbuliao”3A Brain nutrition softgel is a natural marine dietary supplement. Its functional ingredients 3A (EPA, DHA, DPA) are all OMEGA-3 ethyl ester type polyunsaturated acid(PUFA), which are rarely contained in daily food. This product is made from deep sea fish oil by means of refinery and concentration with latest technology.

    ● Product features:

    1.This product is reached and developed in 1994 and declared. Its formula is designed aiming to meet teenagers’ requirements, and the product is made by using the deep sea fish oil as raw materials, advanced technology to extract, refine. Through animal testing, human experiments, it shows that this product has a function of improving memory.
    2. Teenagers and students need to strengthen the function of brain cells during learning, the product can promote brain cell development, thereby significantly improve memory ability, and we commit to improving vision for 20 years, first brand of professional brain supplement.

    ● Product Where to buy:

    Tianmao official flagship store: http: //wangbuliao.tmall.com/
    Jingdong official flagship store: http: //wangbuliao.jd.com/
    Wangbuliao offical website: http: //www.wangbuliao.com/

    ● Product index:

    【 Approval No.】Health food healthy character (1997), No. 084
    【Active Ingredients】Per 100g, it contains : DHA-45-65g, EPA-10-20g,DPA-1-5g,VE-1000mg
    【Function 】Improve memory
    【Suitable Consumer】Teenagers
    【Unsuitable for】people who suffer from hemorrhage
    【Serving Method】2-3 softgels for teenager while 1-2 softgels for children each time, three times daily.
    【 shelf life 】24 months
    【 Storage】in a cool and dry place