Softgel, hard capsule, tablet OEM

  • ● Product Overview:

    Softgel is a way of capsule packing, and it is common in pharmaceutical and health-care food. It is usually made by putting the liquid medicine into soft capsule material. Soft capsule material is made by mixing gelatin, glycerin and any other appropriate accessory. Hard capsule is made by making the medicinal materials extract and well-proportioned powder or granule into empty capsule.

    ● Applicable Scope:

    Medicines, Health care food

    ● Product Features:

    Various kinds of fish oil softgels products;
    Various kinds of mould types;
    Better color and luster;
    Better stability.

    ● Products Technical Specifications:

    1.Compliance with the food safety requirements;
    2.Compliance with the standards for food and drug;
    3.Compliance with the regulations in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 edition);
    4.Compliance with the customers’ standards.

    ● Product Category:

    ProductsSpec. & ShapeActive Ingredients
    18/12Fish Oil Softgel500mg OvalDHA+EPA≥30% 
    18/12 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥30% 
    18/12 Fish Oil Softgel1200mg OblongDHA+EPA≥30% 
    30/20 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥50% 
    33/22 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥55% 
    36/24 Fish Oil Softgel500mg OvalDHA+EPA≥60% 
    36/24 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥60% 
    36/24 Fish Oil Softgel1200mg OblongDHA+EPA≥60% 
    40/20 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥60% 
    44/22 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥66% 
    40/30 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥70% 
    50/25 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥75% 
    50/25 Fish Oil Softgel1200mg OblongDHA+EPA≥75% 
    Lecithin Softgel1200mg OblongAcetone-insoluble Material≥47%
    Natural Lecithin Softgel1200mg OblongAcetone-insoluble Material≥50%
    Gingko Softgel500mg OvalGingko Extracts
    Sea Buckthorn Oil Softgel500mg OvalSea Buckthorn Oil
    Gastrodia Elata Softgel500mg OvalGastrodia Elata
    GLA Softgel450 mg OvalGLA
    10/40 Fish Oil SoftgelBottle-ShapedDHA+EPA≥50%
    10/40 Fish Oil Softgel500mg OvalDHA+EPA≥50%
    5/25 Fish Oil Softgel250mg OvalDHA+EPA≥50%
    20/50 Fish Oil Softgel1000mg OblongDHA+EPA≥50%
    Propolis Softgel500mg Oval/Oblong30% Propolis
    Garlic Oil Softgel300-400mg OvalGarlic Oil
    Oviductus Ranae Softgel500mg OvalOviductus Ranae
    Cod-liver Oil Softgel1000mg OblongCod-liver Oil
    Spirulina Softgel450 mg OvalSpirulina Power &Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Colla Corii Softgel1000mg OblongColla Corii
    Soybean Isoflavone Softgel500mg OvalSoybean Isoflavone
    Rose Oil Softgel700mg OblongRose Oil
    EPO Softgel800mg OblongGLA≥10%
    Natural VE Softgel300—500mg OvalNatural VE
    CLA Softgel500mg OvalCLA≥80%
    L-carnitine+Green Tea Softgel1200mg OblongGLA, L-carnitine, Green Tea Extracts
    Lycopene Softgel500mg OvalLycopene Resin
    American Ginseng Softgel800mg OblongPanax Quinquefolium Saponin
    Liquid calcium soft capsule1200mg OvalCalcium carbonate+ Vitamin D3
    Multi-vitamins soft capsule1000mg OblongKinds of vitamins + mineral Substance
    Vitamin A D soft capsule350mg GourdVitamin A and Vitamin D
    β-carotene soft capsule500mg Ovalβ-carotene
    Vitamin A E soft capsule350mg Water drop formVitamin A and Vitamin E
    Vitamin D3 soft capsule150mg RoundVitamin D3 1000IU

    Tablets & Hard Capsules
    Product NameSpecification & Mould typeActive Ingredient
    Magnesium + VB6 tabletLong OvalCitrate Magnesium + Vitamin B6
    Calcium + Magnesium TabletRoundCitrate Magnesium+ Citrate Calcium
    Multi-vitamins tabletLong OvalKinds of vitamins + mineral Substance
    Resveratrol hard capsule00#Resveratrol
    Multi-vitamins hard capsule0#、1#Kinds of vitamins + mineral Substance


    Remark: We can do all kinds of custom made with different type and size according to customers’ requirements.

    ● Recommending Usage:

    Remove the outer package in the general area and then transfer to 100,000 level cleaning room to subpackage according to difference package specification. Some appropriate desiccant are added in every package.
    Packing environment requirement: temperature 5-26 ℃, humidity 45-65%, clean and ventilated.

    ● Package and Transportation:

    Take the example of 1000mg softgel: the general package is 6000 caps/ carton. And others will arrange the package according to the actual condition or the clients’ requirements.
    5.376 million pieces/20RF(with pallets and covered by pallet-wrap)
    13.44 million pieces /40RF(with pallets and covered by pallet-wrap)

    ● Storage:

    Keep the products at 16-24 ℃ in dry, ventilated warehouse and protect against moisture and light.
    Warehouse humidity should be kept between 45% and 65%.
    Keep off the ground and wall.
    The goods cannot be mixed with goods which are poisonous, harmful, smelly, volatile, and corrosive.

    ● Annual Production capacity:

    5 billion capsules.